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tv   Today  NBC  January 13, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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and welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. i'm erica hill. >> and i'm lester holt. in answer to your question, yes, that was the cute est puppy vid i have ever seen. >> if loving this weather is wrong, i don't want to be right. it's been a change of seasons. >> but enjoying the weather here with us. it has been a change of season. the temperature is set to rise 60 degrees here in new york city today. of course in southern california far different story. they're waking up to freezing temperatures there. we're going to get the lowdown on exactly what is going on in just a moment. a serious problem in
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florida. snakes like this -- not snakes. this is gigantic things. i don't like snakes. they can grow up to 17 feet long. they are destroying the wildlife. officials have come up with a unique way to come up with a way to eliminate. a snake hunt. i was thinking bomb. >> we wish luck to everyone in on it. the golden globes at this point just hours away where the worldings of tvs and movies come together in beverly hills to laugh a lot, drink even more and enjoy the best party of the year. these awards predict what happens at the oscars? we'll look into our crystal ball. if you watch the show regularly you know we're all pretty serious about fitness. a recently became a certified personal trainer. i'm quite serious about it. i've started working with others helping them get in shape as well. three of those people are
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lester, dylan and erica. we will try new things. >> new tips. >> give you some new tips. >> you were good on this but now you are certified, on both. >> across the board. he's been waiting five years to say that line. >> practice makes perfect. we're going to take you to a special jazz club here in new york city where i had a chance to jam with a band, this is a very cool place, a jazz club like you wouldn't expect, a brownstone. we begin with the strange weather we're seeing coast to coast. dylan, good morning. >> good morning, erica. you know, we are stuck in this head-turning weather pattern. nothing like we have come to expect from mid winter weather. freezing weather out west but balmy in the east. temperatures in the 20s in california overnight.
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and blizzard conditions in much of new mexico. some have never driven in snow before. arizona, a rare sight, icicles on cactus. >> if we lose this fruit it affects a lot of people financially, a lot of jobs. >> if that wasn't strange enough, flagstaff will be the exact same temperature today as green bay, wisconsin. 21 degrees. even the experts are surprised. >> some of these temperatures in places like california, a good 20 degrees below average. and in places like florida, 80 degree beach weather. so for january this is definitely out of the ordinary. >> the beach weather stretched up to washington, d.c. where they've been getting in some beach volleyball on the national mall. new yorkers could see 60 degrees today. nice enough for a sunday jog. a line of powerful storms touching off a possible tornado saturday that tore apart a church in hampton, kentucky near the illinois border.
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no one was hurt. so it certainly is a very strange weather pattern we're in. the cold air is starting to push to the east. buffalo, 26 degrees above normal for today. d.c., 18 degrees above normal. 74 for a high in parts of the southeast and into the carolinas as well. 6 degrees in bismarck. temperatures running 15 to 25 degrees below normal out west. and, again, we do that that dividing line. that line is the jet stream. it's out in front of that where we will see a lot of our heavy rain as we go throughout the day today. again, it is slowly pushing eastward. we have another mild day in the forecast up and down the eastern seaboard for tomorrow. but then it will start to level out. it's not going to get real cold on the east coast but it will start to get closer to normal. so we have a couple more days along the east coast to enjoy the above normal temperatures. lester 12k3w4r your full national forecast in a moment.
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first, the latest on the flu outbreak. patients are struggling with flu symptoms and many e.r.s are bracing for what could be the worst this week. this could be one of the most widespread outbreaks in the last decade. >> reporter: the state of new york is now in a public health emergency. the governor's order aimed at making the flu vaccine more accessible to children. >> it descended on the united states. >> reporter: flu cases in new york have quadrupled. in boston, there's a 10-fold increase so far. this weekend community centers there opened as free clinics. >> the more patients we can vaccinate the more we will protect the public. >> reporter: it is widespread in 47 states. west coast missed the brunt of it. people in washington are lining up for flu shots. pharmacies in california are already running out. >> with the flu vaccine there's an extreme shortage.
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we're lucky to get it on a day-to-day basis. >> reporter: at the medical center e.r. in brooklyn, ashley regrets not getting her vaccine. her family has been sick for three miserable weeks. as a mom, what's the toughest part about seeing your kids so sick? >> a helpless feeling. >> reporter: a helpless feeling shared by many. cdc reports a few signs of improvement in southern states. doctors aren't sure how much worse this epidemic will get. now, here's erica. >> lester, thanks. mourners are gathering where the costa concordia ran aground exactly one year today. a mad scramble to escape when the ship crashed in the dark. michelle kaczynski is there. michelle, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. it has been a difficult, emotional day for the families.
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the sound of the church service echoed throughout this ancient town. we've heard people say how much this disaster still affects them, including the captain. even now we're seeing new pictures coming out from that night. the morning cold. some of this island's most terribly memories. that is the boulder it struck lodged in the hull now returned to the sea. the 32 lives lost emotionally celebrated. he came to feel closer to his brother. he was never found. >> what would you say to your brother while you're here? >> send him a message. hopefully he hears me. >> reporter: now the italian coast guard released more images
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from that night. you see clusters of people clinging to the side all the way down to the water. a woman runs along the hull in panic and slips. this person waves wildly for help. the coast guard approaches, stunned to see the ship on its side. they spot someone hanging on. passengers with a rope ladder down the edge. from beneath you see parts of the ship crumbled to ribbons. honeymooners were forced to get out, find a rope themselves, tie it to a deck and repel all the way down where they waited three hours having no idea they were near shore. >> we said just in case we don't make it out of this i love you and good-bye. >> reporter: people still struggle for peace after this, including the captain accused of manslaughter. >> i join my pain to their pain. if there is a difference.
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i have the pain of the person that i was responsible over the ship. and i have never denied that. never. >> reporter: the captain is also accused of abandoning ship. he's going through pretrial hearings right now with while carnival face lawsuits from 700 passengers. something that's going to be here for a long time. but the cruise industry has improved safety standards since this happened one year ago tonight. erica? >> michelle kaczynski. michel michelle, thank you. good morning, everyone. after spending more than a month in a houston hospital, george h.w. bush may soon be on his way home. he could be discharged as early as this week. the 41st pre president was hospitalized for bronchitis. another shooting at a movie
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theater in san diego. he was critically wounded in a confrontation with officers who followed him inside. no one else was hurt. former egyptian president's appeal of his life sentence was granted today about i a court which ordered a new trial for the ousted leader. mubarak, who is 84, was sentenced to life in president after failing to prevent the killing of # 00 protesters during the 2011 uprising that ended his 29-year rule. what a day in the nfl it was yesterday. fan or no fan. this was must see tv. ravens are headed to the championship game after beating the broncos in the nail-biter of all. frigid conditions, a game that took them into double o.t. double overtime for the ravens to walk away with that one. 49ers are headed to the nfc championship game after their win over the green bay packers.
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colin kaepernick broke the record for rushing yards in a single game by a quarterback. two great games there. two more today. a new miss america has been crowned and she hraeuls from new york. she won after tap dancing to get up off that thing. you have to say it like that, get up off that thing. she answered a question about whether armed guards belong in grade schools by saying we shouldn't fight violence with violence. >> any time a big dog helps a baby dog down the steps it makes news. 8-week-old daisy finding the courage to come down the stairs. their 6-month-old shows them how to do it. it's one step at a time. by the way, the video has 900,000 hits on youtube, shockingly enough. >> get up off that thing. >> get up off that thing!
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>> dylan has a look at the national forecast. >> we're still talking about that dividing line of temperatures. the east is mild. the west is cold. and we've got the rain right in the middle. you can see heavy rain from arkansas right up into western tennessee. that front is slowly going to move eastward dragging colder air to the west. temperatures this morning. 23 now in santa rosa. 29 in san jose. 20s all up and down the north and east bay valleys. we'll see mostly sunny skies. as the sun comes up, we'll thaw out and see temperatures eventually climbing into the upper 40s to low 50s. lunchtime, still upper 40s inland. you can see our temperatures around 4:00, upper 40s to near 50. tomorrow, it looks like another freezing start to the morning and turning warmer by wednesday. and that is your latest forecast.
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lester? thanks. it's shaping up to be an explosive week in washington with vice president biden set to hand in its controversial gun safety recommendations. david gregory is moderator of "meet the press". >> good morning, lester. >> let's talk about the possible gun control solutions. universal background checks. closed the gun show loophole. ban on high-capacity magazines. as you know, this conversation has often been phrased in terms of what is politically possible. >> right. >> what does the president want and what is he likely to get? >> well, what i think he wants as a constructive and political matter is to do something as broad as he can, to have a package of legislation that addresses mental health, that addresses background checks and certain bans on whether it's high-capacity magazines or assault weapons. to do a combination of things that reflects the idea that everybody has a role to play. maybe there are were even some restrictions on the
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entertainment industry with regard to video games and the like. i think that is an approach that has a better opportunity to bring more people to the table who are opposed. the nra is diametrically opposed to new regulation, particularly around assault weapons and magazines. so that part seems to be very difficult. i have talked to senators on capitol hill who are in favor of getting done what they can. so making this more of a piecemeal approach and keeping this on the table for a longer period of time. even if they have to come back to it as other matters become more pressing. >> how many times have we seen this president, the fiscal cliff, you name it. would you expect the same presidential road show to get these things done? >> lester, it's the right question. and i think it would require that. the question is does he want this fight at this time when it will draw down so much political capital? he is locked in trench warfare because of the debt ceiling
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fight on additional revenue and spending. that's going to take a lot of energy. there are foreign policy matters. he wants to advance immigration. so it's unclear to me how much of a fight he wants on guns what he would have to, it seals, make it a singular issue to really campaign for it to overcome some of the obstacles particularly in the house which is such an obstacle on budget matters, let alone something as decisive as this. >> we will check back with you to find out what's coming up on "meet the press". thanks. the high drama and high fashion of don't's golden globes. we'll tell you more about it after this. [ woman ] if you have the audacity to believe your financial advisor should focus on your long-term goals, not their short-term agenda. [ woman ] if you have the nerve to believe that cookie cutters should be for cookies, not your investment strategy. if you believe in the sheer brilliance of a simple explanation. [ male announcer ] join the nearly 7 million investors who think like you do: face time and think time make a difference.
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you'll have the knowledge to advance your career while making a difference in the lives of patients. let's get started at this morning on our countdown to the golden globes we are just hours away from the big event in beverly hills. kristen dahlgren has a look at what you can expect at the biggest party around. >> now, now, now. >> mix high drama, high fashion, two hilarious hosts. >> it's a very kind of sloppy, loud party. >> the thousands of glasses of champagne. >> it's the most fun awards show. everyone knows there's alcohol at the table. >> and what you get is golden. >> it's tv mixed with film. i think having all of those names in one room makes it
6:19 am
really quite different and special. >> the 70th annual golden globes just won't be a show but a showdown. breaking back, homeland head to head. while decorated comedies like modern family try to fend off stars like hbo's girls. >> it could turn it from a simple cult phenomenon to more of a mainstream success. >> in film, it is an epic battle. "lincoln" leads. but "argo" and django unchained have five apiece. including best director. after the oscars snubbed affleck, tarantino and "zero dark thirty"'s kathryn bigelow, it may take on extra meaning. in the past it has been a preview of who might get the oscar but not always.
6:20 am
remember "the king's speech." it was honored by oscar as the best picture. while some are predicting sure things, never forget anything can happen in hollywood. for "today", kristen dahlgren, nbc news, hollywood. and matt, savannah, al and natalie will host the golden globes reshow at 7:00 p.m., 4:00 pacific. we are back right after this. aww man. [ male announcer ] returns are easy with free pickup from the u.s. postal service. we'll even drop off boxes if you need them. visit pay, print, and have it picked up for free. any time of year. ♪ nice sweater. thank you. ♪ when you file your taxes. i read the whole 900 pages.
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good morning. looking live at san francisco, where it's all quiet now. it was a roar yesterday as the niners beat the green bay packers. now they're waiting to see who they'll play next. thank you for joining us. we were saying this is a nice color. if you see it on the temperature map, it's bad news. >> unfortunately you're color coordinated with the maps today. 29 degrees in san jose. 23 in santa rosa. so very likely dipping low enough to get close to some records this morning. 32 in oakland. 27 in livermore. we will see clear skies during the day. but it is going to take some time to thaw out from these 20s and 30s this morning with the freeze warning up by 8:00. 10:00, upper 30s inland. but by lunchtime we should be in
6:26 am
the mid to upper 40s, and another cool afternoon. upper 40s to low 50s today. and then again tomorrow. it looks like another freezing start. and then slowly but surely warmer toward the end of the week. when you get an air mass this cold and the air is dense and settles in, it takes some time to move it on. it looks like the middle part of the week we'll see the marks move up. >> it can stay for a while. the cow palace will be packed once again this morning as people attend the crossroads of the west gun show. organizers say this year's event is breaking attendance records. thousands of people showed up yesterday, and thousands more are expected today. the owner of the gun show said this year's turnout is triple the number of people who showed up last year. he says there is widespread expectation among gun owners that gun laws will become more restrictive following the tragedy in newtown, connecticut. >> they, the politicians, are attempting to piggyback on this
6:27 am
tragic series of events to further impede the rights of the american people. >> things are just flying off the shelves. people are so concerned that they're not going to be able to buy arms and ammunition to defend themselves or go hunting with in the future. >> there is a ten-day waiting period to buy a gun in california. but there are no set restrictions on ammunition. gun show organizers say they expect to sell out of ammunition sometime today. the soap continues for the san francisco 49ers. today and their fans will watch to see who they will play next in the nfc championship game, and whether they'll get to play at home. quarterback colin kaepernick led the team to a 45-35 win over the green bay packers last night. kaepernick rushed for a quarterback play-off record 181 yards and two touchdowns. he also threw for 263 yards and two touchdowns. the niners will play the winner of today's game between the seattle seahawks and atlanta
6:28 am
falcons. your coverage of the niners big win continues in just about a half hour right here on "today in the bay." we'll tell you how local school children are benefiting from that win over the packers. and we'll look to see how the game led to some delays on b.a.r.t. this morning. that, and all the day's news coming up at 7:00.
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♪ welcome back on this sunday morning. january 13th, 2013. our thanks to the folks who joined us out here on a mild winter day on the plaza. for all of you at home, nice to have you outside in the plaza. lester holt alongside erica hill, jenna wolfe and dylan dreyer. still to come, snake hunting. they make movies about these guys. they have become a serious problem in florida. the state has taken some pretty dramatic steps to combat them. it is giving away big prizes for catching big snakes and hundreds of people are trying to win them. >> did you see what that just did? it tried to eat the camera. >> god bless those people that do that. here are four people that would never. >> we would be running, screaming in the opposite direction. we wish you all the best of luck and thank you for doing what you do. also ahead, quite a week of
6:30 am
breakups for britney spears. first, both professionally and then in her personal life as well. she is not the only one grabbing headlines. a little weekend buzz action has all your entertainment news covered for you coming up we are a very fitness oriented family here at the "today" show. we enjoy going to the gym. i get teased sometime for going to the gym for a few more hours than others, because i spent the year getting certified as a personal trainer and i have some fun tips to combat every excuse in the book. if you tell me why you don't want to work out, i can give you a reason why you will want to work out, where you can work out and how. i don't have all the answers. i have a couple answers but, yes, i'm going to share them with everybody today. >> she is tough. we're going to see that. also, all that jazz. i'm going to take you to a place not far from here in a little neighborhood in brooklyn in a brown stone that's become a cool place to go on a friday night. a little different club and you can see the musicians are a
6:31 am
little different. >> the base player looks kind of familiar, doesn't he? we will show you more coming up shortly first, dylan has a final check of the weather. >> it would be a lot better if the sun was out but that's just what we get. that fog is pretty dense. we have this cold front moving eastward. it is going to drag down some of the cold air to the east as we go into early next week. it does come with some rain, we could see some icing down across southern illinois into indiana. tomorrow, the last real mild day up and down the eastern seaboard. the rain moves into virginia and the carolinas. it should weaken. we are not looking at severe storms to stick around into tomorrow. you can see that frigid and cold air surges into the rest of the plains moving into the great lakes. tuesday, we will begin to see cooler temperatures settle into the northeast but not as cold as outside the window, probably frost or ice this morning around
6:32 am
the bay area. 23 in santa rosa. 29 in san jose. and 20s east of 680, up and down the trivalley. we will see sunshine today, but it will take some time to thaw out from the cold temperatures. eventually highs in the upper 40s, near 50 today. everything will reset tonight. we do expect more freezing temperatures for tomorrow morning. and then a slow and subtle warm-up past the middle part of the week. is your latest forecast. erica. >> dylan, thank you. a unique contest being held in florida, one that involves very big snakes, very, very big snakes. here is charles hudly. >> reporter: alan snyder is studying for a masters in nonprofit management but this weekend, he signed up to be a hired python killer in the florida everglades. >> pythons are extremely, extremely good swimmers. that's one of have the reasons why i like to work boats.
6:33 am
>> reporter: an area so overrun with burmese pythons, officials are letting anyone that pays a $25 fee, kill them in a contest. >> we are never going to get rid of them but we want to try to reduce the numbers as much as humanly possible. >> reporter: as an incentive, the contest is offering cash prizes. a $1500 reward for the hunter that catches the most, $1,000 for whoever catches the longest. >> get their head and grab them. >> reporter: nearly 800 people signed up the first day. >> it is kind of scary and a rush. >> reporter: nick is a biologist turned python hunter who says the contest is good for the environment if the snake doesn't kill you yourself. >> you have to grab this thing that is going to try to bite you. >> reporter: it is enough to give indiana jones the creeps. >> reporter: they could have arrived on a plane as a pet later turned loose by someone
6:34 am
thinking they are doing nature a favor. that's how this uninvited guest, a 17-footer, ended up crashing a family picnic. it. it is putting a lot of pressure on our native wildlife. >> they can hide out in those woods and it is almost impossible to see them. >> reporter: it turns out they are pretty good at hiding. >> it takes about 100 hours for every one we find. we spend a lot of time out here looking. >> reporter: for these snake t hunters, as darkness set in, the pythons were winning. up next, is beyonce crazy in love with herself? we'll take a look in our weekly buzz after these messages. pleasures can simply hurt.
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simple pleasures shouldn't hurt. talk to your doctor about cymbalta. depression hurts. cymbalta can help. here with the scoop, good to see you both. >> what's happening? >> a lot happening if you are britney spears. a little breakup action. she is leaving the x factor and her engagement is now off. >> announced in the same way. she and her fiancee, who used to be her manager are breaking up. she announced she is leaving "x factor." she wants to go back in the
6:37 am
studio. 2013, major changes for britney. >> there has been some speculation she may not be invited back. >> she was awful on the show, let's be for real. that's my impression of simon cowell. britney, you are awful. >> but she was making $60 million a year. >> i take it can back. she was horrible. you were getting $16 million to go, i like that, that's amazing. >> it was a good check for her. a lot are surprised she is not coming back. >> she broke up because he said he doesn't want to have kids. that is more disturbing to me. the last guy that had kids with britney got $50 million. i want to have kids with britney. >> put that out there. >> i just did. >> let's talk about somebody else that knows a thing or two about break-ups. taylor swift split. >> there is another tweet saying
6:38 am
she is back in studio. everybody she dates, she writes about, from john mayer to jo-e jonas. >> can you imagine dath hing he and know this could end in a song? >> probably the most nerve-racking experience. you would have to treat her like she poop gold platinum. i would like to see her date adele and have them write dualing songs about which is worst to the other. >> new hits coming there. we are still processing that. beyonce, talk about this. i want to make sure i get it right. hottest woman of the 21st century according to g.q. she is stunning. i don't think anybody is going to take that away from beyonce. there is a port art of this art
6:39 am
that has some scratching their head. she has a media room for everything that's ever been written. >> she is beyonce. she should have a media house dedicated to all the things she has done. this many would is the hottest star on the planet. she deserves whatever accolades she wants to give herself. her parents named her beyonce. that let's you know that they knew you were going to be famous. otherwise, you just a pretty girl with a messed-up name. >> she always comes out with dvds and uses this footage she archives and comes out with these documentaries about her life. this is pretty smart. >> are you saying this is why she holds on to it. >> it is not creepy. >> and weird to have a room dedicated to yourself. >> it is her research library and she uses it for these documentary dvds. this is award season. i want to talk about the razzies, which is kind of the opposite to being honored and
6:40 am
alicia, kristin stuart. >> poor kristin. >> a double winner this year for bad acting. it could be worst. she could be adam singler, who seems to win every single year. this is a right of passage. halle berry has won a razzie. >> she gives hope to average looking woman everywhere that they can be famous and dump a really hot guy. >> it is something to aspire to. >> great to have you both here. thanks very much. just ahead. not easy to find, but worth it. but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort. it helps significantly improve my lung function starting within five minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms.
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♪ it will come as no surprise to anyone that jenna, health and fitness are truly her passions. now, you are training for more than just a hobby. >> a few years ago, i started helping others get in shape. this past year, i decided it was time to get certified as a personal trainer. your body is your temple. what you put in is what you get out. why not put in everything you've got. >> i've crossed quite a few items off my bucket list the last few years, anchored the "today" show, traveled the world, meet my first love, barry manilow. that was a goody. there was always one thing i wanted to do for years but couldn't accomplish because life always seemed to get in the way. i wanted to get certified as a personal trainer. >> i love this. i love working with people. i love the transformation
6:44 am
process. >> you probably would be surprised to know i was an active kid that spent most of the time running around outside. this was my version of a spin bike, by the way. i grew up finding my voice and my confidence playing organized sports. >> i had a really rough time in high school. i turned to sports as my outlet. the only place where i felt like i fit in was on a field, on a court, in a gymnasium. by the time i got to college, it started sinking in that if you condition your body, you will be a better athlete. >> reporter: when i entered the working world, fitness as a lifestyle began to stick. >> i was a sportscaster in philadelphia. i started eating a little better. i started getting better at what i did in the gym. i had more energy. i was able to get stronger faster. all of the sudden, i woke up one day and i was like, i love this. it was about 12, 13 years ago and my best friend was trying to get herself in good shape for her wedding. i said i could help you. i loved working with someone
6:45 am
else. i loved guiding someone else. i loved motivated someone else. for months on end, i bugged lester to come to the gym with me. >> i think maybe torture chamber, it is kind of like that. as hard as you think it is going to be, it is going to be a lot worse. she does get results. her heart is in the right place. she has great enthusiasm. she is going to make you work. she demands nothing less than 110 percent from you. the grimace you have seen in my previous workouts with her, that's very real. a lot of pain. >> lester would say that, yes, i'm a maniac, yes, i'm a lunatic, yes, i'm rather insane but overall he would say she loves what she does. >> yes, she is a maniac. yes, she is a little crazy, enthusiastic and clearly does love what she does. >> there is no denying it. this is a true passion for jenna. >> i do think she would totally kick my butt. >> anyone can do anything for 18 reps. >> so getting lester to push
6:46 am
himself in the hot caribbean sun was one thing. becoming certified was a completely different task. >> it is a very all-encompassing task, full anatomy, biology, physiology, kin easeology. i laid up all my books on the table and woke up at 3:30 every single morning for about 2 1/2 months. it was long nights but i few that i was working towards something. >> long story short, i passed. today, in my spare time, i work with several clients, all of whom have committed to a healthier lifestyle. every so often, i get a tweet from someone asking me where i find the time to work and work-out. i decided to answer that with visuals instead of words. four workouts for anyone, anywhere, any time. your at-home tv work-out. >> first commercial break. first exercise, we are going to get down into a plank. the on the road hotel. for your clubs, you are going to
6:47 am
do double mountain climbers and triple jumping jacks. making the most of gym time. let's go right into sea turtles. right now, a sea turtle somewhere is going, i do not look like that. and the at-work work-out. if i told you to give me 20 full squats. you would like, go, ah, it is borg. take a couple paper clips, drop them on the floor and go do some dirty work. think of it as your starter kit available online. >> we have ownership as people over one thing and one thing only and that's our bodies. that's an amazing gift. that's an amazing power. >> those four workouts for home, road, gym and in your office at work will give you the tools to exercise any time anywhere. >> they positioned me behind you. >> did you do something? at least you could tell i was focusing. so here is what we decided to do. can you just move over here a little bit. you are freaking me out.
6:48 am
i decided of the four workouts, the home, hotel, office and at the gym, i decided to take the office work-out and bring it here. there are thousands of things you can do sitting in your office. three exercises you can do while you are working. you are sitting in your chair. without putting your hands on your side, lift your feet up off the ground. where do you feel this? >> start off doing it 10 seconds at a time, 20 seconds at a time and eventually, a minute at a time. >> i can do this while i'm typing, talking on the phone, calling you across the hall. >> 100%, absolutely. you work on that. >> lester, we saw this in the video. you want to get a couple squats in. take a couple paper clips, drop them on the floor, bend down, grab a paper clip, lift it up and drop it in. >> like this?
6:49 am
>> let's separate your legs a little bit. your butt is going to go all the way down to the wall. squat down and grab a paper clip, do about 20 of them and you will really feel it. >> i felt it at three. >> i'll come back to you. >> come back. i'll be here. >> the great thing about all these kind of exercises, you can va th vary them. push-ups. if your floor is well vacuumed, 10, 20 push-ups. you can do push-ups on the side of this chair right here. you can lean across. come on down, do a pushup. after you feel like you can do those for a couple, do a lower level and use the front of the chair. here is another easy exercise, sit down, stand up, kroeg yoconr
6:50 am
body on the way down. do these 50 times. you will feel good about yourselves. >> yours are on wheels. so that is going to be fun. >> i am not as coordinated as jenna is hardly. >> lester? >> first of all, congratulations. this is really exciting. i'm really happy for you. >> that just means more pain for you. >> but now you are certified, so it won't feel as bad. we're back after this. ] hi, i just switched jobs, and i want to roll over my old 401(k) into a fidelity ira. man: okay, no problem. it's easy to get started; i can help you with the paperwork. um...this green line just appeared on my floor. yeah, that's fidelity helping you reach your financial goals. could you hold on a second? it's your money. roll over your old 401(k) into a fidelity ira and take control of your personal economy. this is going to be helpful. call or come in today. fidelity investments. turn here. taste so uniquely fresh and delicious? is it the rich florida soil?
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brooklyn has a rich jazz history. it is often overlooked by all the big name clubs over here in manhattan. it is in a living room in an old brown stone in brooklyn's bedford section that is quietly generating buzz among jazz fans and curious visitors looking for its down home feel. ♪ jazz has come home to bedford stivenson. the 19th century town home of debra mcclain where every friday night, her parlor is transformed into a bygone area of late night jazz jam sessions. >> it is about community, having
6:54 am
something to do, music, food. >> the elegantly restored brown stone has been a part of debra's family for six generations. after converted it to a bed and breakfast, she looked for other ways to share it. for basist, eric lemon, it it was about the music and finding a way to revive the music when bed-sti, was the "it" place for jazz. >> it has been strong since the '40s. hip-hop changed the way people were seeing it as a group. all of the sudden, clubs aren't participating anymore. >> so the idea of brown stone jazz was born. ♪ >> on a good night, 50 people will fill debra's parlor, old, young, neighbors, tourists, that pay the $20 cover for a night of
6:55 am
music. ♪ >> i would say the jazz is a big old house party. >> that includes an old-fashioned friday night fish fry during intermission. >> this fish is awesome. >> even for people that don't really know that much about jazz, i think it is really easy to enjoy and just be immersed in it. >> but there is more to this audience than first appears. as the evening unfolds, some of the patrons become performers in the open mike portion of the night. >> so vast is the sky. >> singers and -- ♪ >> instrumentalists like myself take turns in the spotlight. >> all right.
6:56 am
[ applause ] >> well, i'll be keeping my day job but eric points out brown stone jazz has become a place of surprising discovery. >> it is the greatest music in the world. >> do you ever get blown away when somebody from the crowd gets up and plays and you had no idea? >> all the time. you see them at the laundromat living down the street. you see them on the bus or go to the day job. you go, i didn't know you could sing. ♪ >> it seems jazz never really left bed-sti. it was apparently just looking
6:57 am
for a place to call home. [ applause ] >> a very cool place. >> such a great story. >> thank you. >> really, really nice. >> a lot of fun to do. >> good job to you too. >> thank you very much but i said, i'm keeping the day job. all i heard was the note i missed there. let's check with david gregory for a look at what's coming up on "meet the press." this rng montmorning, an ex interview with colin powell. our political round table weighs in on the upcoming fights in washington as well. all coming up on "meet the press" this morning. >> david, thanks. >> that's going to do it for us, i guess. >> it is. have a great day! i'll see you later on nbc newtly news. until then, so long. here you go little man.
6:58 am
[ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
6:59 am
good morning. kris sanchez. one for the history beeks. colin kaepernick in his first play-off win. plus, reported attendance for a gun show on the peninsula. thousands more people expected to show up this morning. we'll show you what sellers say are going fast. and freezing temperatures all across the bay area. this is the frost that greeted us just this morning. "today in the bay" starts right now. >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good morning. and we are looking live at san jose. sunrise hopefully making things warmer, at least in the next couple of hours. thank you so much for joining us. i'm kris sanchez,


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